In April 2017 I went to Supanova on the Gold Coast. It was while there that I learnt of another level of entertainment beyond the stars and stalls, and one of the main reasons that many people attend those conventions. This attraction was Cosplay.

At the time, I wasn’t new to Cosplay, but I had certainly never seen it in this light before. There was a whole other community of people dressing as fictional characters all while being very supportive of each other.

Then, later in the year, I went to Oz Comic Con to make another Cosplay Music Video for Novastream. Again, the Cosplayers were incredibly friendly and even welcoming of my interest in their art.

But it wasn’t until January 2018 that I was struck with a lightning bolt: I had to make a Cosplay Documentary.

Since then, I’ve met with four Cosplayers to discuss why they cosplay, the benefits of cosplay, and how it can turn into a business.

I finished principal photography last month at this years Gold Coast Supanova, and while I work towards the finished product, I wanted to share with you some snippets from the lovely Cosplayers that were involved.

Jawjarrose Cosplay

Team Mountain Ash Cosplay

Thor of Oz Cosplay

Be sure to follow each of these talented folks on their social media, especially Instagram. And stay tuned for further information!