Over the past two years, I’ve had to teach myself new skills in creating promotional images and title designs for online magazines. Here are just a few:

PopC O Atom White Edge.jpg

The PopCulturists Logo: It started with a sketch from the magazine creator and I worked with the science theme they had. I gave the atom 6 electrons so that it would be a Carbon atom. Therefor, it could be shortened to PC for PopCulturists.

Also with The PopCulturists, I edited the writers into movie posters for movie reviews.

Image may contain: 8 people, text

I have also created segment titles for Novastream, another online magazine.

Novastream Display Image: For this image, my criteria was to include anticipated and loved entertainment. It was the second of this design that I created for Novastream.

Novastream Banner 2017 2.jpg

Also with Novastream, I was asked to create an image to promote the new Rayman game. Here is the video showing the process:

My most recent work with Novastream was for articles about the best entertainment to come out of 2017. I had to work with the images Novastream sent to me for best X-box, Play Station, and Nintendo Switch games all within a quick deadline. Here is the image drafted for game of the year:


Although this image wasn’t used, a lot of thought went behind creating it. Unlike the console images, this Horizon Zero Dawn image holds the title to the bottom right. This was to give the viewer a sense of grandeur that this game has to offer. Especially when comparing Aloy, who stands in the forefront, and the large mechanical bird in the background.

The title font and colours were kept similar to the console images to keep a sense of continuity.

Here is an example of the console images:


I matched the title colour to each console’s prominent colour for slight individuality, but only the colour so each article had uniformity.