Here’s my second Cosplay video with the creative Jawjarrose!


Georgia and I actually initially teamed up for Novastream just to film this. The Harley Quinn video previously posted was an added bonus.

We started filming around 1:00 at Fort Lytton after eating lunch and scouting the old buildings. I chose the area because, to me, it was so similar to the village after the No Man’s Land scene. The place was actually constructed from 1880-81 and it was built to protect the port and the city from naval attack. So the space was really close to the Wonder Woman time period.

The fact it’s so close to the Brisbane River allowed for a few Themyscira shot recreations too. So it really made for the perfect location.

The editing process took longer than the Harley Video because of how the shots needed to be colour graded. I wanted to give the shots bold colours like what was found on Themyscira, but I also wanted to add things like the sparks part way through. Now, that was a tricky spot considering I only have Premiere Pro and not After Effects.

I’m very happy with how it turned out, especially considering it was also my first real project with my glidecam. It certainly made for some incredible shots, but it also posed a problem with my camera’s poor auto-focus.

I definitely want to be doing more of these in the future.

Video Source: Novastream