Last Thursday I had the opportunity to work with the amazingly talented Georgia (@Jawjarrose) at the historical precinct: Fort Lytton. The day went really well, and I had enough time to shoot two different cosplays, one of which can already be found on the Novastream Facebook page.

I got to take creative control with this project. After discussing with Georgia which cosplays we wanted to use, I immediately wanted to shoot at Fort Lytton. Fort Lytton is a very rustic historical site on the South side of Brisbane, and as it was used throughout WW2 it was perfect for Georgia’s Wonder Woman cosplay.

However, it can certainly give a creepy vibe. So, naturally, I thought the space would also be well used as an Arkham-like setting. Hence the Harley Quinn footage and photos!

The day was primarily for filming, but we did find some time to get a few snaps.

We had spent a lot more of the afternoon with the Wonder Woman cosplay, so the Harley shots were very rushed. Even still, I’m so glad we slowed down enough to get some photos.

The “Hiya, BATS!” image was the last one I edited. I took the photo because the sign above the door originally said “Mine Control Room – Tunnel” which I thought was just screaming to be messed with. So I enlarged it and changed “Mine” to “Mind”, thinking it was something that would have been straight out of Arkham Asylum.

I loved having full control of this project, from choosing the location to editing the photos and video. No doubt, I was nervous trying to organise the behind the scenes things, but this experience showed that planning and being polite can take one very far!

Photos and Video property of Novastream