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I got to sit down with an old friend and ask him all about his body painting skills. All the while, he painted me as Mera, Queen of Atlantis!

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Pool Edge Mera Final.jpg

This photo was very difficult to get. Casey actually asked me if I could ‘lower my chin, but not create a double chin’!  We almost didn’t get  the shot, because I couldn’t hold my head up. In the end, I had to put a broomstick over the pool’s edge and lie on it, with my head resting on the broom handle.

Studio Mera Final.jpg

Pool Mera Final.jpg

This backdrop is the third where I was in the pool, the other two being set near the pool edge. Initially, I thought the water wasn’t that cold, but when it reached my torso I started shivering. Absolutely worth the shot, though.