poster-tv-seriesI never knew watching a thriller could be so fun!

Mind you, MTV’s Scream isn’t like an everyday thriller. Since season one, Scream has carried a strange meta-vibe that has put itself in its own quirky grove. But with two seasons down, how can a team of high schoolers targeted by a killer be continuously fresh and entertaining? Certainly, the announcement of a third season has created some doubts with this engrossed fan. However, after viewing Scream’s Halloween special, I am reminded that there is a lot more to learn from Murder Ville.

Eight months have passed since Kieran’s arrest but not all of the Lakewood Six are trying to put their vile pasts to rest. Noah and Stavo has successfully released a graphic novel around the Brandon James mask, and their publisher, Jeremy, wants the pair to write another. With Noah hesitant to write about what he thinks is a bogus legend, Jeremy decides to fly the pair to the legend’s island. Shocked by the recent murder of Kieran, the Lakewood Six all decide to visit the island for a vacation. Little do they know the legend’s murderer, Anna Hobbs, is lying in wait for them.

Compared to the mystery of Scream’s first two seasons, this Halloween Special does fall short. There aren’t very many characters that the audience could make a decent murder board from, and the killer’s identity is revealed rather early. There is a certain predictability to the story as well, not only with the killer’s true identity, but also with the list of victims. Since season three had been announced, there really was no way any of the Lakewood Six were going to fall victim to Hobbs. So, whenever a new named character was introduced, their death could be easily predicted.

However, the writers of Scream have already done the hard work of crazy mysteries and juicy stories. This isn’t to excuse the B grade story, but to highlight the fact that the writers have made such interesting characters that the story is almost secondary. It was awesome seeing the characters come alive once again, especially seeing them trying to fit back into the teenage rolls they should have.

Obviously, they can’t go back to who they were, but when the situation turns sour, they are quick to resort to survival mode. This shows how much the characters have grown, from tentative action to strong decisions. They don’t sit around hiding, and although they involve the authorities, the Lakewood Six know they have to fight back. And they do it together, like a modern day, gory, Scooby-Doo gang. Heck, they even had their own mystery van at one point.

The Halloween Special does, however, leave me with a few questions. Somehow, Emma is contacted again by the Lakewood Killer while on the island. The Killer’s voice has become iconic and chilling, but with the island killer having no connection to the Lakewood Killer, I’m confused as to how the latter knew when and where to call? Perhaps coincidence, perhaps a plan yet to be explained. But with the Lakewood Killer’s voice being so iconic, the creators would have had to add it somewhere. And with the planning of previous seasons, they no doubt have some incredible twist in the works.

Final Thoughts

MTV’s Scream has possibly created a world that could go on for many years in specials like these. Scream’s yearly season’s may die, but with Noah and Stavo having a reason to investigate different murder mysteries, the team could easily be pulled back together in a number of Scooby-like adventures. And with the character development that has been done, it will be a long time before I’m tired of these characters. With that, I give Scream’s Halloween Special 8 bloody gardening shears out of 10.

Also, there were a lot of cool deaths!

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