Earlier this year, the fluffy citizens of Zootopia had to set aside hateful stereotypes that came with predator and prey to uncover a ‘fur-ocious’ conspiracy. The Disney film touched some hard hitting truths about our own world and, at the same time, pulled us into a ‘tail’ that will live with all their other classics. But your time in Zootopia doesn’t have to stop at the silver screen. In fact, in can continue on your iPhone screen. The question is, is this Zootopia app as good as rabbits are at multiplying?

 Zootopia: Crime Files gives the player a detective badge and tells them to find out whodunit. The first case has Clawhauser introducing the player to the discovery of a stolen, golden acorn at a train station. From there, the player searches the station for clues, rearranges puzzles, and connects the evidence to the culprit. With Clawhauser’s tutorial out of the way, the player then goes on to find out who vandalised Jumbeaux’s Café (the elephant café from the movie). There are many more puzzles to follow with a beautiful map that gives the player an even better understanding of this animalistic city then the movie.

 Did you notice that Zootopia has no birds, fish, or reptiles? The movie only has mammals!

 The music quickly puts the player into the animal environment with a rainforest/ quiz-TV-show sound. It fits the game wonderfully with its simplicity, but I don’t think the music is used in the films at all. This is disappointing, as the art is very much like the film. Although not three dimensional, the characters are given their little quirks with changing stills as they talk. The characteristics are also translated across, with Nick’s wit and Judy’s passion.

 Did you know that there was a poster for Zootopia of Nick’s silhouette in 2014’s Big Hero 6 when Baymax and Hiro fly under train tracks?

 Unfortunately, there are a lot of down sides to this game.

 Currently, Zootopia: Crime Files is not available on android. The game is also obviously aimed toward children, but with so many load screens it’s hard to see children having the patience. Especially when evidence notifications pop up, halting game play during a timed search.

 This continues with the horrible game inclusion of time sensitive missions. Not that you must finish the mission in said time, but you have to wait some time before you can even begin. After you collect some pieces of evidence from different scenes, there are some pieces that need to be analysed by the sloth evidence team. The sloths are a clever addition, but I don’t want to wait half an hour before I can continue the game.

 Each scene costs 10 bolts of energy, and you only have 55. There would be ways around having such a small number, but the regeneration time is four minutes for every ‘one’ energy bolt. One. This is ludicrous. Games on smart phones and tablets are generally used while waiting, so what do I do if I’m waiting on the game?

The targeted audience is easily seen in the ease of finding out whodunit. The process is collect, click through interviews, and then match evidence to the criminal. There is a bit of back and forth between collect and interviews, but the evidence is so extremely simple and childish that it leaves no room to be entertaining for adults.

 Did you know that Chief Bogo’s name is taken from the Swahili word “mbogo” which means “buffalo”?

 Final Thoughts

Zootopia was a brilliantly devised film that entertained and made people ‘paws’ and think of social issues. This game, however, does not live up to the movie. It has nice music, and the little character quirks, but the slow and bland mysteries create no thrill. With the multiple loading screens and menus I doubt even children will enjoy it. Unfortunately, I’ll be giving this game 4/10 and will beremoving it from my iPad.