There has been an onslaught of trailers and advertisement for DC’s film which stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie. But if you can’t wait for Suicide Squad to be released, and all those trailers, music videos, character shorts, and Squad Yourself picture maker isn’t enough, then prepare to click download for the Suicide Squad: Special Ops app.

 After flying toward a mission, Deadshot, Harley, and El Diablo’s helicopter is shot down. The team crash land in a city that is falling apart with buses overturned and convenient ammo drops littered about. With no response from Rick Flag and constant waves of strange enemies, all the team can do is survive.

 But the team isn’t whole. Although the app is promoted with the movie poster, and even uses it in the menu, the player only has access to Deadshot, Harley, and El Diablo. In fact, these are the only three that a present in the game. This is very disappointing as I would have loved to have played as Katana, but perhaps they game creators chose these three for a reason. Harley and Deadshot seemed to be taking the leading roles in the team, so does that mean El Diablo has a bigger role to play?

 Either way, we know Slipknot’s going to be the exploding head example, isn’t he?

 The characters present do allow for different ways to play the game, depending on your tactics. Harley uses her baseball bat and magnum revolver to take on the bad guys. Her revolver is powerful, but slow and restricted to eight shots until needing to reload. Her character is better for the close range combat, especially with her Frenzy Mode. This allows Harley to leap onto nearby enemy with crazy speed. If you place her right, you don’t even have to move her. I had a constant wave of easy enemies and, without touching the controls, she took them all out. Her attacks are great for those who like close combat, whereas Deadshot is better for the long range.

 Deadshot comes with his wrist guns and an automatic rifle. The wrist guns will give you a fighting chance when you’re out of bullets, but it is really weak. A few bullets from the rifle will take down a general bad guy, but head shots will always be more powerful. There is just a lot of retracing your steps to collect more ammo. His special ability is worth it, though. Marksman Mode slows time around him and gives him better accuracy and range. This guy was my choice.

 El Diablo has no weapon, but he doesn’t need one. This guy throws balls of fire at the enemies, and is only limited by having to recharge. His special ability, Super Nova, allows him to send a pulse of fire away from himself. It hits all the enemies within range, but doesn’t kill them instantly.

 Each character is easy to jump between as the controls have been overly simplified. There is no control to attack, dodge, or reload, only move and aim. Dodge would have been a fantastic addition as some of the enemies are faster and with the clunky map, they become difficult to escape.

 The game itself is also very clunky and often crashes is it isn’t on low quality. While playing on high and medium quality, I couldn’t get further than the first foot soldier and the game would crash.

There is very little plot other then you’re left for dead and you need to survive. The only aspect that has the player wanting to come back is to beat their previous high score and beat the next wave. However, that is not enough for this app to keep the player’s attention or a spot on their smart device.

 Final Thoughts

Although fun for a single sitting, Suicide Squad: Special Ops does not give much for its audience to get excited over. There is only a third of the movie’s characters, there is little to not plot, and the game mechanics have been overly simplified that there is little challenge. In saying that, it is fun to play as one of these villainous heroes while awaiting for the film. So I give Suicide Squad: Special Ops 4 puddin’s out of 10.

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