If you’re not up to date with MTV’s Scream, then DO NOT READ THIS. And if you plan on watching MTV’s Scream, DO NOT READ THIS. Seriously, guys. This article is pretty much 100% spoilers from season 2, episode 6 to 11.

 You Have Been Warned

Season two of MTV’s Scream has kept me so far on the edge of my seat that I may as well not have a chair. Each episode is dramatically impacting and destructive of any suspect you might have. Even one episode from the end, I have absolutely no clue who the killer is. But that won’t stop me from guessing.

Move over Sherlock, I’ve got some deducing to do.

 Episode 6 – Jeepers Creepers

In this episode, Noah is finally clued into what Audrey has been up to and his genuine surprise takes him quickly off the suspect list. It seems everyone is a little suspicious in this episode, though, with Audrey following Noah, and Kieran following Emma, and then the killer following them all. Kieran definitely makes himself look suspicious here, as he appears out of nowhere just as the killer disappears. And, after re-watching season one again, there are definitely some empty spaces in his story. The story about his mum and step dad hasn’t been explained further than a car crash; he hasn’t revealed why he was arrested, and there is the question of why he was late to the Halloween party in season one.

There is also the question of who it was that broke into the evidence locker and stole the mask and papers on the Brandon James Case. This could have been Audrey, as her DNA was found in a mask last season and the thief did briefly wear the mask. But this thief knew where they were going and the safe’s code. A sheriff’s son might know that, and this show has two of them: Kieran and Stavo.

The end of this episode might even answer the questions made with that security footage as Stavo owns a Brandon James’ mask. Perhaps for murder, perhaps for reference with his art. I currently believe the latter.

One thing we know for sure is that Branson is not the killer. Although his attack was a handful… yup… it does support my theory that Lang is the killer. She definitely seemed upset that Brooke had spent the night with him. Although a lie, Brooke definitely hit a nerve and I couldn’t help but feel the attack on Branson was personal.

Episode 7 – Let the Right One In

How wrong was I? Dead wrong.

Not only is Lang attacked (let’s not forget that kick arse kick), but she is thrown down a flight of stairs by the Killer. But wasn’t this attack different? Especially after how calculated the other murders have been. Which makes me wonder: does the accomplice have an accomplice?

And what the hell, Zoe? Huge red flag as she emails herself the audio file from Noah’s computer. Zoe has proven herself to be very intelligent, and this little action sneaks her closer to the top of my suspect list.

 Then, of course, Eli has to start creeping around (more than usual). That’s high level Killer stuff, no matter what way he frames it. But then the Killer shows up and burns down the house Eli and Emma are at. That lowers him on the suspect list, but doesn’t mean he couldn’t be helping the Killer.

 For kicks, let’s look at Brooke. The unsuspecting beauty, this woman could easily be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’ve seen what she can do with Branson, and apart from being at the cinema she doesn’t really have an alibi. But if it was Brooke, can you imagine how cold hearted this character is? She could have murdered The Jake.

 Although a fun idea, I doubt the Killer will be revealed as Brooke. But, it seems these students aren’t the only targets of the Killer’s twisted scheme. What could Sheriff Acosta and Maggie Duval be hiding?

 This season’s half way in, and my biggest suspect after this episode is the intelligent Zoe.

Episode 8 – Village of the Damned

 Just like the Halloween party in season one, this carnival is a bad idea. But, let’s do it anyway and nearly get Kieran killed!

 Starting off this episode in way of evidence is the house that burned down last episode. That little house, along with being on in the same location The Jake was kidnapped, belongs to Mayor Maddox. Now, what if, it wasn’t actually the Killer that burnt down the house? The mask is never seen, and the audience knows that Eli’s mum, Tina, was given a secretive job from the mayor. Could this be to finish what The Jake failed to do? OR! What if he’s sending her to unknowingly destroy evidence?

 Welcome to the suspect list, Mr Maddox.

 We already know that this man has hidden a dead body and threatened Will. And this guy has no doubt gotten his hands in some things he really shouldn’t have. Although I can’t deduce his means, the mayor definitely has the methods.

 If Tina had set the house on fire, I doubt she knew Eli was inside. Ah, yes. Eli. If Goldy-locksing wasn’t weird enough, this kid also has a restraining order against him. But if the Goldy-locksing is nothing more than that, Eli could just have been in the wrong place, wrong time. Emphasis on the wrong place. Don’t do this, kids. Even Kieran doesn’t think Eli is right in the head.

 But then, neither is Stavo. At least, Sheriff Acosta thinks something’s not right. After coming across the mask in Stavo’s room and the drawing of Branson, he has many reasons to think so. But I don’t have as many. Stavo may have a secretive past, and his Dad may have moved them to Lakewood to escape it, but the audience knows Stavo heard about the cuffed Branson from Brooke.

 The final scene of this episode is what truly sums up a lot of evidence. Emma has received the audio file of Audrey’s confession. And who had access to that audio file?


 Episode 9 – The Orphanage

So, apparently Emma has some pent up violent anger! No doubt last season would have twisted her psyche, because not only is she murdering her friends in her sleep but she also shoves Audrey into some school lockers. If Emma was this season’s Killer, that would be a wicked twist. But, there is the little problem of the Killer calling her. She is an easy one to strike off there suspect list, even with Lang talking about her “violent tendencies”.

 Stavo is not so easy to strike off the list. Mysteriously creepy, this guy stole one of Brooke’s lipsticks and what does the message in Emma’s locker look like it’s written in? Damn straight: Lippy. And now we learn that Stavo accidently shot and killed his friend back in Phoenix? With a Brandon James’ mask in his possession, it’s hard not to put heavy suspicion on him.

But Stavo, after breaking into his dad’s office, finds out that Mayor Maddox sent The Jake to the barn where his was killed in. This Maddox is shifty.

 But so was Hayley! As the second of my prime suspects is attacked by the murderer, I start to really question my deductive skills. There still is Zoe, who STUPIDLY suggested to turn the lights out at the creepy Orphanage Party.

 The party is so jam packed that it’s easy to miss the two people in the crowd with actual Brandon James’ masks. One has a black hood up with a red, glowing necklace and is always remarkably close to the Lakewood Six. Another has the mask but no hood. I don’t think either are the Killer, as the Killer had his tradition getup and no necklace when he murdered Hayley. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be accomplices. I would assume the one without a hood was Stavo, though, as the boy was present and an owner of the mask.

 But whoever the party host actually is would have to be the same person who sent Emma the audio because they are both referred to as a “special friend”.

 Hayley surprises me here. Although she knows the Killer’s identity and thinks that they are her “special friend”, I don’t think she knows that her “friend” is actually the Killer. Especially considering the Killer straight up murdered her. But the most interesting thing here is that she offers to give the Killer a blow job. Now, I could have sworn that previously the Killer had boobs but Audrey has said she doesn’t think Hayley is into girls. So, there is every possibility that this season’s Killer is male.

 There is also the strange matter of Lang freaking out when Emma and Kieran come to visit. From the subjective camera angle, the audience assumes Lang is scared of Emma. Which, is plausible. Emma would remind her of Piper and the pair had spent time at the orphanage together. But what if Lang was reacting to Kieran? That dude is still mysterious.

Suspicion once again falls on Zoe even if she says she didn’t send the file, although I will be keeping a close eye on Stavo and Mayor Maddox.

 Episode 10 – The Vanishing

Well, ok. Fine. Destroy my suspect list. Whatever.

 As this episode points out, whoever I seem to highly suspect as the Killer is murdered, or at least greatly injured like Lang. But the audience also learns that Audrey knew a lot about Piper, including that she was Emma’s half-sister. What’s more, it is revealed that Sheriff Acosta and Maggie actually helped Brandon James escape and that he is actually alive. Could the Killer have been off screen this whole time?

 If that is the case, let’s put Troy James on the suspect list. This man was a pig farmer and had a connection with Emma as a child. He would have known about Audrey and Emma’s friendship and their trips to the stable where Noah was found. He even would have known about the secret room in the house and, perhaps, about Maggie giving birth to his niece: Piper. There is the possibility as well that Brandon James is this season’s Killer, but from the way Maggie talks about Brandon I wonder if he even was the original murderer. What if Troy was the original Killer and wore Brandon’s mask to torment his victims? Looks like I have a new major suspect.

 But then there’s Eli. This creeper is everywhere he shouldn’t be, and showing up after Maggie tries to contact Brandon is very suspicious. He has the skill to break into houses, doesn’t see the error of his ways, and he seems to revel in tormenting Kieran. What better way to torment him then mess with Emma?

 With Zoe well and truly no longer a suspect, the suspicion falls mostly on Troy James and Eli.

 Episode 11 – Heavenly Creatures

And there goes Mayor Maddox. This Killer has the season finale in sight and isn’t slowing down.

 Once again, the Killer breaks into Emma’s room and steals her dream journal. This is such a key piece of information! No doubt, the Killer has been gathering information all throughout this season on Emma, which could include those photos and information on her dreams. So, whoever the Killer is would have to know about her journal.

 This puts suspicion on her classmates, and more importantly Stavo and Eli. Stavo has shown some skills in sneaking into places, which include the Sheriff’s office and Brooke’s room. And, if we remember back at the end of season one, somebody broke into an evidence locker. I assume it was Stavo, which adds to the idea that he can sneak into places he shouldn’t be. But Eli is the king of going where he shouldn’t, and there is photographic proof with him at Will’s funeral. Also, his aggression towards his mother while she’s trying to leave is a huge red flag. Not to mention Audrey’s letters and Emma’s photos under his bed. Even if Eli wasn’t the Killer, he certainly has some issues.

 Nearing the episode’s end, we have the Killer hacking Noah’s podcast. However, this only happens after he tries to upload his audio. So, what if after encouraging Noah to continue the podcast with art, Stavo actually sent Noah an encrypted file? The image could have just been a Trojan horse, which creates even more suspicion for Stavo.

So, let’s try tie up this evidence: the Killer knows technology, as seen through the go-pros, hacking of Noah’s podcast, and getting a hold of Audrey’s confession. The Killer has been in

the same room as Lang, Noah, Emma, Maggie, and Audrey. Brooke has been the focus of some attacks, i.e. The Jakes falling body. Tina seems to do anything for money, but no other evidence is really shown to incriminate her. Eli is a huge creeper, has incriminating evidence, and was in Lakewood last season at Will’s funeral. Stavo has, apparently accidently, taken a  

life. He has shown some skill in getting into places, and certainly looks strong enough to throw Lang down a flight of stairs. But, there is no clear connection from Eli or Stavo to Piper.

And then there’s the off screen suspects of Brandon and Troy James. Each have a connection to Piper and have a lot of reason to get revenge on Lakewood. Being a farmer, I can assume Troy is strong and could have easily attacked Lang.

 What surprises me, though, is how Kieran got away quite unscathed in episode 8. Especially considering how Noah was stabbed in the gut, Will was branded, and Kieran’s Dad was gutted. How did Kieran get away with no injuries? And there are still unanswered questions about him from last season. Why was he arrested? Why was he late to the Halloween party?

Really, in the end, I don’t have a clear lead. There are a lot of suspects and new evidence around every corner. But, because of that, MTV’s Scream has created an addictive series that is beyond brilliant and has me on many occasions freaking out.

 Final Thoughts

With that, I better put in a guess before next week’s finale. And it is with huge uncertainty that I suspect Eli. He’s a hard choice, because usually the one with the most evidence is the one the writers use as a scapegoat. But this kid is too creepy not to suspect. Troy James would be a close second due to all the creepy pig stuff. Either way, I can’t wait for next week’s episodeWhen a Stranger Calls to reveal who Lakewood’s Killer is.

Source: The PopCulturists