If you’re not up to date with MTV’s Scream, then DO NOT READ THIS. And if you plan on watching MTV’s Scream, DO NOT READ THIS. Seriously, guys. This article is pretty much 100% spoilers from season 2, episode 1 to 5.

You Have Been Warned

High School has never been the place of dreams, only a place of nightmares. With its unjust hierarchy, it can be like a constant, gut wrenching lurch or, if you’re lucky, it can be like you’re soaring. And then there’s the peer pressure, the homework, and homicidal, mask-wearing maniacs.

Well, that last part might just be for MTV Scream’s George Washington High. In season one, The Lakewood Six successfully avoided the piercing knife of ‘Brandon James’ only to be haunted for a second time in season two. Like season one, the latest season of Scream conjures up a fist full of evidence every episode. And every week has the audience rearranging their suspect line up.

So, as each episode was released on Netflix, I pulled out my detective pen and pad and jotted down my thoughts on who the accomplice was.

Episode 1 – I know What You Did Last Summer

 The first episode kicked my brain into gear as it pulled the evidence across from season one to season two. Noah was quick to pick up where Piper left off by fitting his room with a recording studio. He had a pin board with a wide range of details and the “hunch” that Piper had an accomplice. There was no evidence that the cops even thought this. Unlike Audrey and Brooke in season one finale, Noah never got along with Jake: the first to die. He was even present when Jake said “Welcome home, girl interrupted”, which links to the pick later in the episode: “See what you can do with this boy interrupted”. The accomplice was either using the same technologies as Piper, or they were present at the time.

More importantly is how differently he was coping with the murders compared to everyone else. Noah was like a dog with chew toy and wouldn’t let it go. But what if there was nothing left to find? Would Noah create a whole new murder case to keep his podcast and mysteries going? In addition, these murders granted him a whole new set of friends. Did he fear that forgetting Piper’s murders would break down the Lakewood Six? Was Noah desperate enough to kill to keep this strange club together?

And was that a toy pig he had at the start? There is a lot of evidence against this Lakewood Sixer.

 Episode 2 – Psycho

Well, that’s Jake off the suspect board. But was he ever smart enough to be up there in the first place?

I might not have suspected Jake, but episode two brought some new suspects into the spot light. Take the teacher Ms Kristen Lang, for example. Already too kind and approachable, the audience knows there’s something strange about her. In fact, the audience catches her in the act of recording Emma as she recalls some family issues. Lang even seems to be a similar age to Piper, which makes me wonder if the pair could have been friends. Recording the conversation could give Lang ammunition to mess with Emma (like Piper did with Emma and Will’s breakup), or the recording could even be used to further Lang’s her research into psychology, which is a much more innocent thought. What better place to investigate the mind than Murderville? She might not have as much evidence against her as Noah, but there is another suspect here that catches my eye.

Zoe Vaughn, Noah’s sort-of love interest, screams secrets. Like Audrey’s attackers in episode one, Zoe has revealed that she is a fan of The Morgue. It is a possibility that Zoe is one of the trolls that tear Audrey down in the comment section. And, as Noah has found out, there is a connection between one of the trolls and Audrey’s text stalker. On top of all this, Zoe has a secret that she likens to what Emma is going through. What is she hiding behind her braids?

Episode 3 – Vacancy

Technology. This has been a constant theme since the pilot, but this killer/ accomplice is using go-pros and, as revealed in this episode, hacked emails. After being murdered atop the police station, Riley has been ‘sending’ Kevin Duval emails about Emma and asking him to come back to Lakewood. This killer is smart, but also doesn’t seem to be using people’s laptop and phone cameras like Piper. The cameras that have been set up are very similar to the one that the ‘pranksters’ used in their attempt to scare Audrey. Not only were these pranksters trolls in the comments of Noah’s podcast, but also students at George Washington High. Cue Haley Meyers.

Although she hasn’t appeared much yet, Haley was the prankster who was “stabbed’” and she seemed to have a nasty attitude toward Audrey. The attitude could be from Audrey actually stabbing the male prankster, but it also could be something more. Was Hayley one of these hateful trolls? Was she the know-how behind the live stream of the prank? And could she be behind the killer’s cameras?

I feel that Scream season two is following season one in that the killer is female. During the murder of Eddie, Noah’s informant, and the video call to Audrey I believe that the killer/ accomplice seems to have a feminine form.

In other words, I reckon the killer has boobs.

 Now, there is a lot of compelling evidence against the creepy Gustavo (Stavo). He’s a fan of The Morgue, obsesses over the Lakewood Six,and draws some pretty nuts art. But, the killer is never the one that is obvious. There is just too much evidence.

So, even with the compelling evidence against Stavo, and Noah in episode one, it seems that Haley, Lang, and Zoe are more likely to be behind the mask. However, there is a huge flaw in the evidence against Stavo, Noah, and Zoe; they were at the theatre with Brooke, and Mr Branson while Audrey received her video call. Doing the maths brings us back to Haley and Ms Lang.

Although, there’s no reason that there couldn’t be an accomplice for Piper’s accomplice.

Episode Four – Happy Birthday to Me

You’re tripping balls. He’s tripping balls. Everybody is tripping balls. Except Jake. He’s dead.

But is absolutely everyone doped? Here’s the order of characters taking their shot of Iowaska: Gustavo, Emma, Kieran, Brooke, Audrey, and then Eli. Zoe and Noah have empty shot cups and claim to have had some, but it isn’t shown. Everyone just assumes that the Iowaska is from Jake, only Audrey makes the leap (although unsaid) that it’s from the killer. However, Brooke is the one that brings it into the party, giving the Iowaska these possible origins: the killer or Brooke. But it could also be from Stavo.

Stavo can claim to have not known what the shot was until after taking it, but something is off. He has had Iowaska before, and the drink is revealed to have a weird smell. He even says the shot had the same smell as Iowaska. Stavo knows how he reacts to the drink, so taking it first is no problem at all. He even suggested everyone take a shot when Kieran arrived. The drink quicklymakes everyone at the party an easy target for the killer, so if Stavo had planted it, there is the possibility he is in league with the killer. The evidence against Stavo is overwhelming but I don’t want to be tricked into thinking it’s him.

The same thing could happen with Eli, too. This creepy dude has been messing with things the moment he arrived. Kieran even accused Eli of bringing the Iowaska, and while taking a trip to hallucination station, Kieran reveals that a dog died because of Eli. It isn’t revealed if the death was intentional or not, but Kieran obviously harbours some feelings of hatred toward his cousin.

 But the fact remains that when Emma is being chased by the killer, the killer has a feminine figure (boobs). As the Lakewood Sixers, along with Eli, Zoe, and Gustavo were preoccupied with twisting tattoos and undead girlfriends, it’s hard to put any of them behind the mask. Ms Lang or Haley, however, could easily have been there hunting Emma. If any of the others were working with the killer, their job would have been to plant the Iowaska and make sure everyone drinks. I’m looking at the evidence-heavy Gustavo and Eli.

Episode 5 – Dawn of the Dead

In the words of Noah, George Washington High quickly became Lord of the Flies. Again, Lang is overly helpful but she also setsEmma up in the locked office. There are a few ways to look at this. Firstly, Lang could be wanting to test Emma’s psyche in some twisted way and, although NOT the killer, she donned the mask to see Emma’s reaction. This could further possible research in her field. Secondly, Lang could have just set Emma up for the killer. Thirdly, Lang could actually be the killer hoping to take Emma down. Fourthly, and most boringly, it was a coincidence that Lang locked the door and the killer showed up.

 But it’s in this episode where Haley comes more into play. This student doesn’t hold her resentment back as she unleashes a tirade of blame on Emma. Nor does she hide the fact that she hates the preferential treatment the Lakewood Sixers were receiving. She is also quick to place blame on Stavo (he really is a fantastic scape goat). But, therein lies the problem: she was in the room immediately after Emma was being tormented. In fact, those present include: Noah, Audrey, Zoe, Eli, Kieran, Gustavo, and Haley. I’d say someone found the emergency exit Noah returned through, but there wouldn’t have been time.

 The final question this episode creates is who had access to Emma’s bag? Who placed the phone?

 And will we ever meet Troy James?

 Final Thoughts

This thoroughly entertaining season has brought an intense episode every week. Although I currently think Ms Lang is behind the mask I can’t help but wonder what evidence I might have missed along the way. If you found some, or have your own thoughts on who the killer is, send it through on twitter to @Britt_Snippets.

Scream Season 2 Part 2

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