20151121_174322Take your hand and place it over your heart. Now squeeze.

Apart from looking weird in public (sorry about that), what you just did is a very brief check for cancer. Breast cancer, although more common in females, doesn’t gender discriminate so I hope you boys did a boob salute too.

 Now, let’s get a little more specific: 2,982 people (30 men, and 2,862 women) lost their battle against breast cancer in Australia in 2013. That number is estimated to increase for 2016 to 3,073 lives (27 men, and 3,046 women). It’s also estimated that, for 2016, breast cancer will remain the fourth most common cause of death from cancer.

 Those numbers are easy to glance over, easy to forget. However, it’s a lot harder to ignore when my mum could have been one of those numbers. She was lucky, having found the breast lump before it grew large.

 Those numbers become more frightening when you learn breast cancer can be hereditary.

 But, even in the world of non-fiction, there are heroes.

 Take your hand and place it over your heart. Now squeeze.

 I met the Sons of Obi Wan back in 2015 for a lesson in all things Jedi. Their temple was awe inspiring with Star Wars movie memorabilia, a large sparring space, and, most importantly, rows of lightsabers. This Jedi team promotes fitness, fun, and has such an encouraging environment that I wanted to take weekly lessons. But not only have the Sons of Obi Wan created a safe and fun atmosphere to enjoy Star Wars, they have also found ways where they can give back to the community. Among other things, these Jedi donate $5 from every lightsaber they sell to the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

 I had to learn more, so I immediately emailed Luke, the head Jedi, a few questions.

Hey Luke! Thanks so much for answering these questions.

How did you come to the decision to donate to this charity?

 An important part of following the Jedi path is community service and one of the most important aspects of this service is supporting charities! I am constantly inspired by the mums of our special needs kids who always put their child’s needs before their own.  Many of these mums not only do everything in their power to help their own kids but are also actively involved in the larger special needs community, advocating for better support for anyone with special needs.  Any charity that helps these amazing women to continue supporting and loving their children is a worthy cause!

Have you considered appearing at Breast Cancer Research events? Or even Woman’s and Children’s hospitals?

We have done quite a bit of work with specials needs groups such as Camp Breakaway, The Benevolent Society and the Central Coast Disability Services and performed at the International Women’s Day festivities at the University of Newcastle. We love bringing a smile to anyone’s face!

What events can our readers find you at over the course of 2016?

Currently we will be appearing at Sydney Oz-Comicon, Brisbane Supanova and EB Games Expo Sydney.  But keep an eye one the Facebook page for more appearances!


How can someone get their hands on a Sith slicing, cancer smashing lightsaber?

 We are currently doing small production runs for conventions with any excess to be sold on http://www.sonsofobiwan.com.  We will be looking at commercial scale production hopefully early next year.

What are a few basic specs of the average lightsaber you sell? I’ve seen it can withstand a few drops from a single story building, and constant heavy hits from Chad*.

 The lightsabers are made from Aircraft grade aluminium with a polycarbonate blade.  Our sabers use a world first air-cooled sled to hold the electronics which gives the consumer a durable electronics package with a battery life of 6+ hours duration.  We have more exciting tech coming in early 2017! These puppies are made for full-speed theatre combat and duelling and can definitely be dropped!

 (*Chad was the Jedi master who taught me)

 Having used a few different lightsabers on my training day, I can definitely vouch for their durability. The best part about the Sons of Obi Wan’s sabers is that they are made in Australia. They also have great balance between the hilt and the blade which create fantastic spinning action, and the sabers also come in a beautiful range of colours.

 I highly recommend that, given the chance, everyone and anyone should visit the Sons of Obi Wan for a class. And, if you’re lucky to meet them at a convention, grab yourself a lightsaber. If you do, you’ll be helping to support, inform, treat, and care for people like my mum. If you do, I can’t thank you enough. Now, before you go…

 Take your hand. Place it over your heart. Now squeeze.

 To find out more about the Sons of Obi Wan, visit their website: www.sonsofobiwan.com

 To donate to the Breast Cancer Network Australia, click here: https://www.bcna.org.au/donate/make-a-donation/

 For more statistics on breast cancer, click here: https://canceraustralia.gov.au/affected-cancer/cancer-types/breast-cancer/breast-cancer-statistics